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Welcome to The Shred, this is the news page where you will see updates related to New England wakeboarding and anything else we might find interesting! Please feel free to explore the site and email any questions and suggestions to ciardellia@gmail.com

The first stop of the New England INT tour went down this weekend, stay tuned for video highlights of the event. The weather might not have been great but the riding was excellent.

We will have occasional clinics and commentary from Pro riders. We will have an interview with CWB and Mastercraft team rider Jimmy Trask. We are offering two more clinics this summer with Pro wakeboarder Ben Greenwood. If you don't know who he is, he rides for Liquid Force and Supra Boats and if you ride the Liquid Force Witness, you're riding his pro model! He also won the honer of being Alliance Wakeboard Magazine's Rider of the year in 2006. If you're interested in riding with Ben, email ciardellia@gmail.com


  • update

    After a busy week at giving lessons at The New Shred, I'm finally going to be posting more stuff, stay tuned for highlights of the first stop of the INT New England tour and some clips from sessions at Nick Poulins house and some POV footage.  For now check out... Read more »
  • 7/22/2011

    The New Shred is still undergoing some construction, please bare with me about the appearence and the lack of updates, starting on Monday or Tuesday, entries should be much more regular with more content coming!... Read more »
  • 7/20/2011

    We just finished our two day clinic with Ben Greenwood and it was amazing!  Ben had us landing tricks none of us thought we could do.  In case anyone was interested here is the list: Switch HS 360, TS BS 1, TS 540, Bat Wing, Roll To Revert, TS wake... Read more »
  • 7/18/2011

    Welcome! Today is the first day The New Shred is live so I thought I'd upload some pictutres.  Here at Lake Winnipesaukee we have a semi-secret cove where we ride most of the time. One woman who lives on the cove was kind enough to take over 500 pictures of... Read more »
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