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Welcome to The Shred, this is the news page where you will see updates related to New England wakeboarding and anything else we might find interesting! Please feel free to explore the site and email any questions and suggestions to ciardellia@gmail.com

The first stop of the New England INT tour went down this weekend, stay tuned for video highlights of the event. The weather might not have been great but the riding was excellent.

We will have occasional clinics and commentary from Pro riders. We will have an interview with CWB and Mastercraft team rider Jimmy Trask. We are offering two more clinics this summer with Pro wakeboarder Ben Greenwood. If you don't know who he is, he rides for Liquid Force and Supra Boats and if you ride the Liquid Force Witness, you're riding his pro model! He also won the honer of being Alliance Wakeboard Magazine's Rider of the year in 2006. If you're interested in riding with Ben, email ciardellia@gmail.com


  • Check Out the World Boating Network!

    New England Riders, be sure to check out www.worldboatingnetwork.com, a "video network for boating enthusiasts!" They feature a lot of wakeboarding content including interviews, like the one on our video page with Trevor Hanson, and sections from wakeboard films. ... Read more »
  • Purity Springs morning pics

    Hey shredders!, hope your fall is starting off well.  Here are a some pictures of the final INT stop at Purity Springs, mostly set up, no riding but they still look pretty good.  Congrats to all of the riders, looking forward to next year. ... Read more »
  • Sunday morning setup pics

    I hope you guys had a an excellent weekend!  The INT event was awesome, if anyone has pictures of the event, please e-mail them to me congrats to all of the riders!  This morning, the crew over here at The New Shred went for a morning chaseboat set, footage to... Read more »
  • Pictures from Frostock

    I'm starting to get pictures from Frostock, unfortunately none riding but there will be video of that to come. Here are some cell phone pics of the boats rafting together. Feel free to send me more if you have some ... Read more »
  • Frostock

    Hey guys, sorry for the long delay, we've had a busy week at The New Shred.  We have a new video up with some of my contour HD helmet cam experiments, more of those to come.  I'd also like to thank everyone who came out to the first ever Frostock... Read more »
  • Learn a Scarecrow

    To anyone interested, I just posted an old clip by Jeremy Kovak explaining how to do a scarecrow and an elephant.  It's old and pretty corny but it's still the same mechanics.  BTW its in the video section.... Read more »
  • Ben Greenwood Clinic pics part 2

    Here are more pictures from the Benny G clinic including Brian Brady, Seth Wytrwal, Ben Greenwood and Jared Manning. ... Read more »
  • Thrill of victory agony of defeat

    Check me out in my own Thrill of victory agony of defeat section on the video page http://thenewshred.com/videos/.  Also, congrats to everyone who competed in this weekend's INT wake double header! The video will be up within the next couple weeks so stay tuned.  Finally, the forum is up, so... Read more »
  • Paulie and Tori Koch in “The New Englanders”

    Check out borther and sister Paulie and Tori Koch in a video Paulie made called "The New Englanders."  In case you haven't heard of these two, they are Nautique team riders from CT but ride up in NH when they can during the summer.... Read more »
  • INT video

    I've just added the video highlights of the first stop of the New England INT wakeboard stop at the Fort Meadow Reservoir, check it out over on the video page.... Read more »
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