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You don’t have to have a boat to go out and shred! Come get lessons or pulls at Wake Up and Ride Wakeboarding www.wakeupandride.com behind a Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV tournament Wakeboard boat with bigger wakes than you’ve seen in your wildest dreams! (Or nightmares) It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to go wake to wake for the first time or trying land your first Whirlybird, the NEW Shred can help you. We can even book you a lesson with a pro wakeboarder Ben Greenwood! If you can’t come out and ride yourself, that’s ok! We’ll post the occasional instructional in our video section. You can even ask someone in our “Unite section.” If that doesn’t help, we’ll refer you to instructional DVD’s.


Check out the Jeremy Kovak "how to" clip in the video section


Winter Trick Tip!  Hey guys I'm here to give you a quick tip on a Mexican Back Roll.  It's been debated whether a regular Back Roll or a Mexican Back Roll is better looking, but I think a Mexican Roll looks better.  Assuming you can already go wake to wake and commit to a progressive edge, here's my way to do a Mexican Back Roll.

1.  Take a progressive edge toward the wake (this means you are starting with a mellow edge as far outside the wake as you can get and bulding a stronger and stronger edge as you get closer to the wake.)

2.  Once you hit the wake stand tall, this causes you to push your legs and resist the wake giving you pop.

3.  Once you have taken off, throw your head towards your back leg.  People initiate the flip many different ways but this is my way!)

4.  Step 3 will cause you to start flipping and holding onto the handle is the best means for controlling your spin as well as sucking you knees into your body and positioning your handle in the center of your body.  Sucking in your knees will make you spin faster while letting them out will slow your spin.  If you hold  your handle higher on your body or raise it while you are flipping, the flip witll stop.

5.  If you take off too early, you may spin quickly but you wont get enough air.

6.  Once you feel yourself flip KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AND SPOT YOUR LANDING.  When I was learning this trick I would close my eyes and it was extremely hard to land, I'd done a couple but I didn't start getting consistent until I spotted my landing, then I'd get it almost every time.

7.  Land on your heel edge and ride away.