The New Shred Forum The New Shred Forum en Copyright 2012 2012-02-28T20:04:25-05:00 Wanted/For Sale <p>Got any gear to buy or sell, post it here!</p> 2012-02-28T20:04:25-05:00 Riding in Florida <p>I’m starting to work on the logistics for a trip down to Orlando to ride with Ben Greenwood, is anyone interested in tagging along?</p> 2011-10-05T23:46:09-05:00 Pro Clinics <p>Hey guys, if anyone is looking at this, I’m starting to think about possible pro clinics for next year, if you could have any pro come to teach you, who would it be?&nbsp; Not to say its going to happen but it could.</p> 2011-08-23T01:11:42-05:00